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smooth, glass like finish

If you are looking for a beautiful and functional floor coating, the answer is metallic epoxy. This finish has a smooth, glassy look that is completely unique. Metallic epoxy refers to a metallic additive that is mixed into a clear epoxy coating: This achieves a look that is unique and exciting. Many metallic epoxy floors can look three-dimensional and like marble. You can create a custom look for your space by choosing between single or multi-colored applications.

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Metallic epoxy floor finishes

where beauty meets function

Metallic epoxy floor coatings do not just look good—they are designed to perform. Our metallic epoxy flooring is intended for medium traffic areas. It offers the following benefits:

No Maintenance Required
Chemical Resistance
Easy To Clean
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Clear Epoxy Floor Finishes

Clarity and Protection with Clear Epoxy

Our Clear Epoxy Floors offer a protective and enhancing layer to existing floors. This option is perfect for upgrading your current Concrete floor while adding durability and ease of maintenance. Our Clear Epoxy Floors provide a glossy, resistant surface that stands the test of time.

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Solid Color Epoxy Floor Finishes

Simplicity Meets Durability with Solid Color Epoxy

For those seeking a blend of simplicity and industrial-strength, our Solid Color Epoxy Floors are the ideal choice. Offering a uniform, seamless finish, these floors are perfect for areas requiring both aesthetic neatness and high-performance durability. Solid Color Epoxy Floors are easy to clean, resistant to most chemicals and stains, and can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic, making them suitable for warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other high-demand environments.

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solid epoxy floor coating

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