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market with epoxy flooring


A versatile and resilient choice for various applications

Multi coat 2-part epoxy system.

Suitable for most interior commercial and residential areas.

Near universal - can be used in a variety of spaces. Long lasting flooring solution compatible with most colors / finishes.

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epoxy flooring


Offers exceptional durability and resistance to chemicals

Multi coat 3-part urethane system.

For the heaviest commercial applications.

This is the workhorse of coatings. Best bond to concrete, longest lasting flooring solution. Compatible with all finishes.

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residential polyaspartic floor coating


Fast-curing and UV-resistant

Multi coat 2-part polyaspartic system.

Suitable for most commercial and residential areas, ideal for time - sensitive projects.

For quick return to service and complete UV stability. Long lasting flooring solution. Compatible with all finishes except metallic.

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business with polished concrete flooring


Eco-friendly, Low maintenance with a sleek finish

Concrete slab that's diamond ground and polished to a smooth finish.

Good for most commercial & residential areas.

Extremely durable, attractive appearance. The ultimate no-wax flooring. Can be finished to a showroom shine. Compatible with stain only.

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